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Jazz - Jamie Cullum - ブリティッシュ・ジャズの寵児ジェイミー・カラム - 私たちの中にある難民の歴史 "Refugene"







名門レディング大学 (University of Reading) では英文学 (English Literature) を専攻。ジャズ・ミュージシャンとしてクラブなどで演奏しながら、なんと英文学科を首席で卒業。すごいよね。




アルバム Twentysomething の歌詞には Shakespeare の名前も出てくるよ。卒業後、レコード会社と契約してデビュー。



2010年にはモデルの Sophie Dahl と結婚。彼女の祖父はあの Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (チョコレート工場の秘密) などの作品で有名な英国作家ロアルド・ダール (Roald Dahl)。



動画は日本に来日した時のフジロック・フェスティバルのライヴ。Jamie の英語の呼びかけにがっちり呼応してるオーディエンスもかなりいい感じだよね。








"The Same Things"






私たちの中にもきっと流れてるはず。難民の遺伝子 refugee+gene 。




ホロコースト - 父方のファミリーヒストリー

Irma: 祖母イルマはプロイセンで医師になるために学んでいたが、ホロコーストですべての家族を失いエルサレムに行き、そこで私の祖父のハリーに出会う。それから英国に渡り生活を始める。

Harry: 祖父ハリーは二十代で亡くなったのでジェイミーは会っていない。イルマは信じられないほどとても輝いた女性で、いつもファッショナブルで、貪欲なまでに読書家でした。


ビルマ戦線 - 母方のファミリーヒストリー

Hezel: 日本軍ビルマに侵略してきたとき、祖母のヘーゼル、祖父のレナード、母、叔父の4人は、たった一つのトランク以外は、すべての家財をその地に残し、英国に渡った。その時、母はわずか4歳だった。祖父レナードは、当時ビルマイギリス軍でエンジニアとして働いていたので、英国に渡ることができたのだ。彼らはウェールズの白人ばかりの村に送りこまれた物珍しい浅黒い肌の家族だった。上陸して数日たって、トラファルガー広場に混乱した面持ちで立っている、真っ白な服を着た写真があります。

Leonard: 祖父のレオナードは驚くべき物語がいっぱいの人だった。孤児で、ビルマのイラワディ川の近くでそだった。


Jamie Cullum - My family values

The Guardian

The singer talks about his bond with his brother and how he's recreating his stable family upbringing with his wife, Sophie Dahl.



Jamie Cullum: 'As I grow older and meet more and more people, I realise how lucky I am to have had a stable family environment.'


My grandmother, Irma, escaped Nazi Germany. She was studying in Prussia and working towards becoming a doctor, but that was cut short when she had to leave. She lost all her family in the Holocaust and ended up in Jerusalem where she met my grandfather, Harry. They had my auntie and my dad and then came over to the UK and started their family life.


My grandfather, Harry, died when my dad was in his early 20s, so I never met him. Amazingly, he was 6ft tall. That gene definitely never filtered down to me! Irma was this incredible, sparky lady. She was always interestingly dressed, with immaculate hair and nails and gold shoes. And she was an utterly voracious reader.


My brother, Ben, and I are both musicians and Irma encouraged our interest in music. Growing up, I just wanted to be like Ben. He picked up the electric guitar – so did I. He played the piano – so did I. He got interested in DJ-ing – so did I. He got interested in recording songs – so did I. I idolised him and he always showed me the way. He plays the bass and sings, and writes with me for my albums and for other people. He has a very successful career in his own right.


Mum came over from Burma, aged four, when Japan invaded. There were four of them, my grandmother Hazel, grandfather Leonard, my mum and my uncle. They left everything behind and had one trunk of possessions. Because my grandfather had worked with the British army as an engineer in Burma, he had the option of coming to the UK. It was very alien for them; they were a dark-skinned family dumped in a very white village in Wales. I've got an amazing photograph of them a few days off the boat, immaculately dressed, standing in Trafalgar Square looking a bit confused.


My maternal grandad, Leonard, was full of amazing stories. He was an orphan, with 11 or 12 brothers and sisters, and he used to tell us about growing up near the Irrawaddy river and how one brother was eaten by a crocodile.


As I grow older and meet more and more people, I realise how lucky I am to have had a stable family environment. Both my parents had loving families but unstable upbringings, so they wanted us to have a more stable situation. My happiest memories are simple ones – on the beach at Cornwall where we went on holiday for my entire life. We weren't mega-wealthy but we never wanted for anything; we weren't surrounded by expensive toys but we had what we needed emotionally.


My dad worked in finance and my mum was a secretary. My dad is creative – he is a great painter and a maker of things. I think in some ways he deserved to live a creative life and I admire the fact that he was committed enough to do a job that wasn't necessarily true to his character.


Sophie [Dahl] and I are having an amazing time with our daughters, Lyra and Margot. Margot is two months old, and Lyra is two. Obviously, I think stability is important and being surrounded by love, good examples and good work ethics. You realise as you get older that the things that make life worth living are your relationships and the work that you do.









とても楽しみです !



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